Fast Satellite Broadband Internet and TV in Normandy France 

We Supply and Instal Satellite Equipment and offer a mail order service throughout France for Fast Broadband Internet and Wifi, Sky TV, Mobile Broadband and Subscription Free UK Freesat Satellite TV

Our Fast Satellite Internet instalation service is available anywhere in Normandy & we provide a fast mail order service for Satellite Internet and Satellite Sky TV and Freesat all across France

With download speeds of up to 22Mbps, it's fast enough for TV and compatible with any computer and just like any other broadband service, with a WiFi router, you can share your connection across multiple devices and several users within your property.

We suppy and fit satellite Internet and TV as well as supply satellite equipment for DIY intalations.

Normandy Satellite  are committed to offering the best range of Fast Satellite Broadband  Internet and Satellite TV products to our customers at the very best price. Our promise to you is that if you find the same product supplied and fitted in Normandy at a lower price by one of our competitors then we'll beat that price by 10% of the difference.

 Freesat HD Satellite TV

Subscription free UK HD TV

Feesat is a digital satellite TV service from the BBC and ITV. Normabdy Satellite can fit a dish in any French home to receive it, but you'll get even more free channels than is available from the terrestrial digital TV service, Freeview, and won't have to pay any ongoing fees. Best Buy Freesat HD TVs - discover the Freesat HD capable

Satellite Internet

Fast Broadband for Everyone

Fast Broadband Satellite Internet in Any Rural Locatioion in Normandy, Are you fed up with having poor internet speeds?  sick and tired of waiting to see if a fast broadband service will ever reach you? Well, did you know that there's already a fast and reliable satellite-based solution available to you? And best of all, it's available right now!

3g & 4G Mobile Internet Broadband

Via Mobile Network

Broadband Internet in France through the mobile phone network using 3G/4G is available in many locations in rural Normanduy a Mobile  Router allows users to share a 3G/4G mobile broadband connection via wired or wireless connections. By using a router a Wi-Fi hotspot is instantly established, via which multiple devices can access the Internet wirelessly.

Welcome to Normandy Satellite, If you cant find what you are looking for please ask, we understand that many people find all the various options of equipment and services complicated, what can be best for one person or application is not necessarily the best for another please ask we can advise you based on your personal needs and circumstances.

Astra Connect offers our cheapest package at 10,95 euros per month … the monthly data allowance is 3GB which is not huge in this day and age but ideal for emailing, light browsing, booking ferries and banking. As with all of our packages, upgrading to the next one is easy and can be done by the next working day.  If you use your allocated quota, your service will stop and you will be directed to a web page where you can either (a) buy a 1 GB Volume Booster at 12,95 €  or (b) upgrade to another package. Please read the Astra Connect Fair Use Policy (link on the right) which explains how the speeds are managed.

Tooway provides Europe with a real alternative to no or slow broadband over wires. Tooway is Europe’s fastest satellite broadband service with domestic services available to everyone, everywhere at up to 22 Mb download, 6 Mb upload – more than the majority of wired broadband homes receive! Tooway offers a range of pro and consumer tariffs packaged by monthly data allowance and speed, meaning that whatever type of broadband user you are. There’s Tooway tariff for you. Airtime subscriptions start at £19.99 per month, and you can either rent* or buy your Tooway hardware.Based on the location you wish to set up a satellite system, Tooway may or may not be the best network for you in terms of coverage. To avoid any doubt, please confirm your location using the country selector below and we will offer you the best tariffs from all three networks combined.

 Your Broadband Satellite Internet in France options explained

Traditional  Broadband Internet uses ADSL through the telephone lines to offer a top download speed of around 17Mb. It’s advantages are low cost and ubiquity – chances are you have or can get ADSL right now as it is available to the overwhelming majority of the population. However the performance of ADSL can be very slow as the signal strength drops off very quickly the further your home is from the nearest exchange, falling to just a few megabits per second after a couple of miles. That’s just about sufficient for basic web browsing and email but painful for anything more demanding. If ADSL is on offer it’s probably the cheapest and easiest option, but depending on your requirements the performance may be lacking. Mobile broadband used to be quite a disappointing experience, rarely providing a connection worthy of being described as broadband, but in the last few years there’s been a huge improvement in speed and both 3G and 4G can now challenge some fixed line services.The big catch with mobile internet is coverage. If regular broadband is slow because your home is remote then you may not have much in the way of a mobile signal either. And even if it is available this could be a very expensive option for anything more than light usage as mobile broadband is not generally geared toward home use. That said, mobile broadband may be utilised in the future to plug gaps in coverage in areas where fixed line installations would be very expensive. And if providers using mobile broadband for home services become more common we should see a fall in costs, too. Fibre optic.The last few years has seen a rise in community broadband projects, where neighbours or entire villages club together to implement their own fibre optic broadband upgrades. Fibre is a future-proof technology that offers incredible speeds now and has plenty of room for faster connectivity for many years to come. It is not cheap to install, but it should stay relevant for a long time so it’s a sound investment for communities fed up with being left behind. Due to the cost this isn’t something that would be viable for one or two homes unless you’ve just won the lottery but if you can get enough people to commit, it is a very exciting option, giving a broadband service that’s far superior to most of the country. Satellite broadband. If your fixed line internet is restricted to dial-up, mobile signals aren’t available and fibre optic too expensive to consider, there’s always satellite broadband. Satellite is available right across the France and all you need is the ability to mount a dish with a view of the sky. It can also provide a respectable connection speed, currently up to 22Mb for home users. There are several things to remember about satellite internet, however. First, the setup costs can run to hundreds of pounds as you’ll need to purchase or rent the equipment and probably pay for installation. Running costs too can be high compared to other home broadband solutions, and will usually come with a data allowance cap, so you may need to monitor usage. Also, satellite broadband has a much higher latency than other services, which means you’ll experience a great deal of ‘lag’ in things like online gaming. Despite these caveats though satellite broadband has a killer combination of good internet speeds and a huge amount of flexibility, which is a big advantage for the most remote homes so if you think its right for you contact Normandy Satelitte now for all your Satellite Internet in France needs.

                    Take advantage of high-speed internet with Normandy Satellite even in rural areas.


High-speed Internet straight to yourhome

Using proven satellite technology, Normandy Satellite can supply  fast Internet access straight to your home. More than 300 times faster than traditional dial-up, with a quality of service comparable to DSL, Satellite Internet is an always-on broadband service for all your internet needs, whether it’s surfing the web, emailing, downloading music or watching videos. With up to 20 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload speeds, there will be no frustration waiting around for your content or information to arrive on screen. tooway™ gives you the best of user experience with cutting-edge technology embedded in your modem


Normandy Satellite are bringing you the lowest Satelitte Internet prices available Gaurenteed, we are not tied to one supplier so can always offer the system that best suits your needs and budget.

Normandy Satelitte offers high-speed Internet access for less than 30€ a month! Whether you need the Internet for you, your family, or your job there is a package perfect for you at an ultra competitive price. Normandy Satellite also offers additional features such as multi-channel television via the same dish, telephone calls via the Internet using VoIP and a wireless home network for accessing the internet anywhere from within your home without the need for cables. Just ask Normandy Satellite for further information.


Just plug your satellite modem into your computer and connect!

Getting started with Satellite Internet with Normandy Satellite couldn’t be easier. A small satellite dish is installed on the outside of your property it doesnt matter how rural the location is it will still work. You then simply plug the satellite modem into your computer and you are ready to go. The dish is so easy to install that a non-professional can do it but Normandy Satellite arrange an installation by a qualified installer. There is no telephone connection required and you can connect your PC or Laptop straight to the internet immediately after this simple set-up.

The only other option is to add a WIFI router that requires 1 wire connecting


    The difference between

         2G, 3G and 4G.


Here “G” stands for generation. The increase in number shows us the evolution of network over the time. The network has evolved from analogue to digital. Every time network evolved to meet the new requirements. Earlier voice was only the priority but now the data is priority. Let’s try to understand each generation in detail here.


           How Does       Satellite Internet Work?


Satellite internet equipment is made up of three main components: a geostationary satellite in space, asatellite dish mounted on your property even in a rural area and a modem that transmits internet signals from the dish to your computer. You obtain satellite internet through asatellite broadband provider`

  The difference between       Wi-Fi and Internet?


Contrary to popular belief, WiFi and internet are not the same thing.

Local communication between devices (like an iPad and a printer) can occur over a WiFi signal with no connection to the internet. This is sometimes referred to as a Local Area Network (LAN) Most devices that offer a mode like this can also connect to an existing WiFi network that does have internet access.


We are Satellite & Rural Broadband Satellite specialists Our installers are trained and experienced on each of the 3-key satellite broadband systems offered throughout France and the UK: Avanti Hylas 1 & 2 Eutelsat Skylogic Tooway SES Astra Each of the above systems have proved invaluable to our customers in poor landline locations, restricted to low ADSL broadband speeds due to the distance they live from their nearest exchange. These systems offer customers the opportunity to experience up to 22Mb/s download speeds and 6Mb/s upload speed, all without the cost of landline phone line rental. These systems can also be used for temporary internet access, such as festivals, county fairs and concerts or movie & TV production locations. With our infrastructure of installers based in Normandy, we will offer support for any installation needs, Normandy Satellite offer other rural broadband solutions, for example: 3G or 4G solutions - where available within your area If you cant find what you are looking for please ask, we understand that many people find all the various options of equipment and services complicated, what can be best for one person or application is not necessarily the best for another please ask we can advise you based on your personal needs and circumstances. We also provide a mail order service and can provide Satellite Internet in France nomater where you live with our DIY instalation packages.

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